Herman Studio

Herman Studio focuses on furniture and interior design, as well as the story behind. In other words, Herman Studio believes it is important to look at the identity where the product appears, to think holistic and create solutions for both.  

Herman Studio calls the studio a creative laboratory, because it constantly explores new designs, based on sketches, models and prototypes. The studio and workshop is an integrated place, because it constantly switches between sketches and models. This process contributes to a good development and creativity.

Herman Studio cooperates with various social responsible organisations in Denmark and in South America, as sustainability is very important for the studio in many aspects; both as social responsibility and as the product’s lifetime. Herman Studio’s design is based on the design philosophy that: “We are convinced that people feel most comfortable, if they are among good and honest intentions. Great materials are molded over time, which means that they only grow more beautiful and unique as the year’s progress.”


Herman Studio Pulk sledge1

Photo by Herman Cph

PULK by Herman Cph.


Herman Studio for TripTrap miskito stol1


Herman Studio extrude garderobestativ


Herman Studio for TripTrap miskito taburet

Photo by TripTrap


Herman Studio for Herman Cph Fresbee coffee-table

Photo by Herman Cph


Herman Studio Fluxserien2

Photo by TripTrap


Herman Studio for TripTrap miskito stol

Photo by TripTrap


Herman Studio lampebord


Herman Studio ocho vasketøjskurv


Herman Studio vugge

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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