Herskind-Herskind ApS has designed and hand-built bicycles since 1991. The bicycles are built in the workshop in Germany. Herskind-Herskind’s core belief is that good design should be honest and sturdy.

Herskind-Herskind celebrate bicycles that work, because they are built with a love for design and skilled craftsmanship. The leather and hardwood that the luxury cars of the 1950’s and -60’s made use of are the same materials we use for our classical bicycles today. Our wish is that every person who buys a bicycle from Herskind-Herskind should have the experience of finding ’the one’. The ’one’ that you appreciate and trust – in the sun and the rain.

Jan Herskind is responsible for the design process. He is the creative force within Herskind-Herskind, and has designed since the 1970s. He is originally a trained actor, but left the acting industry relatively fast in order to pursue his passion for design. He quickly got international recognition when he designed the ”World Clock”, that was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Jan moved to Germany in the beginning of the 1990’s to fokus on designing and building bicycles. After having produced a few smaller collections, he eventually got commercial success with the Trollo-bicycle which was sold in London and New York through a partnership with Donna Karan.

He later worked for Jaguar and Mercedes for some years, developing bicycles that were sold in their names. The partnership with Jaguar and Mercedes inspired Jan to start his own production of bicycles with the name Herskind-Herskind. The bicycles should have the same qualities that luxury cars have. The ambition was, and still is, that Herskind-Herskind bicycles become the alternative option to cars as a method of transportion within cities.

Peter Holm is the commercial force within Herskind-Herskind. He has worked at Gartner and most recently at ConsensusOnline, which he founded in 1992.


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Jan Herskind, Owner of Herskind - Herskind


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