Kirstine Mengel

Kirstine Mengel, an award winning photographer:   Photography is a craftsmanship which demands flair and intuition, and I always carry both in my working bag.

Here is the story of Kirstine, shared by her:

My name is Kirstine Mengel, and I am a professional photographer, residing in Odense. My area of specialization is architecture and interiors. Through the years I have developed my own Nordic, stringent style, and I never compromise on quality. When I am behind the camera my mission is to uncover the authentic element in my motive, and that task is very close to my heart: The passion and the very soul of architecture, interiors or the design. That calls for a little extra attentiveness – maybe even meticulousness from my side.

“Many years in this line of profession have given me an unerring eye for light, lines and details.“

Today I take pictures all over Denmark, and I am proud to include some of the finest and well-reputed architectural firms among my regular customers: CF Møller, AART Architects, Henning Larsen Architects and Vandkunsten. In 2012 I was one of three nominees for the internationally acclaimed Hasselblad Master Award in the category Architecture. In 2018 I was awarded a winning placement in The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3)

My skill set is, however, not limited to architectural photography, I have a great passion for interiors and design too. Among others, my current clientele includes Jensen Plus, Hudevad Radoators, Mandalay, Shüco International and Elle Decoration (NL).

In addition to this, I do assignment work for art museums like Brandts in Odense and Faaborg Museum where my pictures are featured in their exhibition catalogues, in posters and in art books.



Architecture photography

Photo by Kirstine Mengel


Beauty photography

Photo by Kirstine Mengel


architecture captured

Photo by Kirstine Mengel



Photo by Kirstine Mengel


Photography minimalism

Photo by Kirstine Mengel


Furniture photo

Photo by Kirstine Mengel


Staircase beauty

Photo by Kirstine Mengel



Photo by Kirstine Mengel

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