Kontrapunkt creates genuine hero brands. Inspiring and honest brands with courage and determination. Brands that have lasting value and contribute to a better world.

Kontrapunkt is the leading Scandinavian design agency. We develop and design brands and create 360° brand experiences through visual identities, communication, services, products, actions and environments.

Kontrapunkt is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, and use design as a tool to discover and solve problems. We unite form and function, impact and aesthetics, zeitgeist and timelessness. We seek the true essence of a brand, simplify and humanize to create superb experiences that excite the heart and mind.

To us, design and creativity are the magic that translates human needs and winning ideas into meaningful brand experiences that move, enthuse and add to the greater good. Our inspiration is the art of simplifying. Simple not in the sense of ordinary. But rather, simple as enriching and ennobling.

To serve our clients the best way possible, we work globally, have the brightest talents and engage a strong network of specialised partners. Today we are more than 50 specialists working out of our offices in Denmark and Japan.

Through three decades we have helped clients like Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, Noma, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Hitachi and Nissan grow their brands. Our work is all around you. On the high street, on supermarket shelves, your phone, in your office, home, TV, refrigerator, wallet and even in the subway speakers.

We specialize in holistic design solutions and offer full-service processes, including every step from research and strategy to concept and implementation. Each of our departments work closely together to create the best possible solutions, bringing them to life across all touch points from visual identity to packaging, digital design, wayfinding and spatial design.

Through the years, Kontrapunkt has earned numerous international design awards, including six Red Dot Awards.


Noma redefined the Nordic cuisine and became the world’s best restaurant. Kontrapunkt redefined their brand to match their talent and ambitions.



Noma custom type typography by Kontrapunkt


Noma birkebryg, by Kontrapunkt



Design and creativity are the magic that translates human needs and winning ideas into meaningful brand experiences that move, enthuse and add to the greater good.


Kontrapunkt and Kronenbourg, Carlsberg


Kronenbourg-Blanc, by Kontrapunkt


The packaging designed for Kasaki


The Tasaki building


Tasaki custom type typography by Kontrapunkt


Kontrapunkt has put the dazzle back into the Japanese jewellery and repositioned Tasaki as a modern luxury brand.

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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