PlayAlive is an innovative company, established in 2008, which specialises in developing intelligent, computer-based playground equipment. PlayAlive’s interactive equipment is today used in playgrounds, schools and city play spots in many parts of the world.

In close collaboration with leading experts on learning, play and physical movement, PlayAlive has developed a playing concept that motivates children to play for longer. The concept includes the best from sports, mind sports, computer games, music, and free play, mixing it all into a unique playing platform.

PlayAlive was the first company in the world to launch outdoor climbing equipment that combines children’s fascination for the virtual world of computers with the important needs for physical play and movement. The intelligent playground equipment can be used by schoolchildren and children in kindergarten of different ages and abilities. PlayAlive takes the children’s preferences into account and the technology adjusts the activities to fit the individual.

In 2006, PlayAlive’s unique technological platform received Ingeniørens produktpris (the engineer’s product award).




The E-wall from Playalive



A customized solution, everything is possible!



The Spider by Playalive



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