Tegnestuen Mejeriet

Tegnestuen Mejeriet A/S has, within the past 30 years, completed a large number of very different buildings – big, small, private and public, housing, industry, office buildings, new buildings, renovation and restauration etc.

The studio was founded in 1978 by Clara Rigenstrup, Flemming Rigenstrup and Chris Fløe Svenningsen. On their own they renovated an old dairy in Kolding and changed it into offices and apartments for themselves. The studio was moved to bigger premises in December 2008.

In 1995 Søren Nielsen was accepted as partner in the studio and in 2007 Finn Smidt and Bo Rattenborg Jørgensen followed. When the company was changed to a private limited company Søren Nielsen was appointed CEO.

20 highly skilled persons are employed in our branch offices in Kolding and Haderslev.

“By challenging the ordinary on an everyday basis, we wish to obtain the best possible framework for our clients, and pursue sustainability in all aspects, in the short and in the long term.”


mejeriet 6

Photo by Ida Prëstegaard


mejeriet 5

Photo by Lasse Lagoni


mejeriet 4

Photo by Lasse Lagoni


mejeriet 2


mejeriet 1


mejeriet 3

Photo by Thomas Mølvig

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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