Reusing and transforming the 50-year-old rustic Azobé wood from decommissioned wharves in Denmark into simple and stylish designer furniture, is the fundamental idea behind all of the furniture from Thors-Design.

An interplay between cool galvanised steel and the woods original raw, rustic look gives the furniture a modern feel with heart and soul that matches the modern home as well as professional environments. All furniture by Thors-Design is custom-made and from Denmark.

Thors-Design recycles Azobé wood with the utmost respect for its uniqueness. When making furniture we always consider the way the wood moves and works. There are no two identical pieces of wood. Azobé wood is one of the world’s heaviest and most robust types of wood and contains a high level of natural oils. Today the Azobé wood is still strong and durable despite many years of exposure to the natural elements. The furniture has a long life cycle and is virtually indestructible. It can therefore be used indoors as well as outdoors all year around and can be enjoyed for generations.


The Gaia table


Gamma in front of The Standard in Copenhagen


THORS Globe table


Outdoor lounge-set



THORS-DESIGN azobé wood 1

The azobé wood used for the furniture is an African wood species, whose trunk can grow to a diameter of two metres. Having an extremely dense porosity, azobé wood is practically impermeable and very heavy – one cubic metre weighs more than a ton.


THORS-DESIGN wood furniture

The Danish company THORS-DESIGN creates furniture made of upcycled azobé wood sourced from decommissioned ferry landings and wharves.


THORS-DESIGN harbour wood 2

THORS-DESIGN was founded in 2002 when the company bought the wood from an old retired ferry landing in Korsør, Denmark. The original plank table was then designed in 2005, with an emphasis on simple, minimalistic Scandinavian design.


THORS-DESIGN harbour wood 1


Thors gamma

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