The design company Zilmer’s revitalises age-old painting techniques. Its services include specially commissioned paint work and hand-made luxury wallpapers, but Zilmer’s also create scalable print patterns for wallpapers, textiles, ceramics, etc. that can imbue any interior with a striking, contemporary Nordic aesthetic.

Heidi Zilmer founded Zilmer’s with the clear intent of being an ambassador for the craftsmanship of painters. She wanted to implement traditional painting techniques in modern interior design, to use age-old techniques as the basis for new contemporary designs, and to combine crafts with the latest technology.

One of the results of these endeavours is the Nordic Antique wallpaper and interior design range: Here, ancient mosaics, traditional Scandinavian knitwear patterns and trompe l’oeil-painting (optical illusion) are combined to form a look that is both classic and contemporary.

Zilmer’s original hand-painted trompe l’oeil mosaics have been digitised and used to form patterns rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics. The resulting files can be adjusted to suit any interior demands: the colourways can be changed, and the size of the pattern can be rescaled from small to mega-large.

The resulting files can then be sent to, and printed in, any country on surfaces such as textiles, wallpaper, glass, metal, wood, carpets, and acoustic plasterboard.

In addition to mass-produced designs like the Nordic Antique range, Zilmer’s also accepts commissions for hand-made luxury wallpaper, specialist decorating jobs, etc.


Nordic Antique wallpaper pattern


Photo by Thomas Yde

Flora Nordic wallpaper


Nordic Antique wallpaper pattern


Photo by Thomas Yde

Silhouette style bowler hat


Silhouette style wallpaper


Nordic Antique wallpaper pattern


Flora Danica Iris wallpaper

The goal of DANISH™ is to promote Danish architecture and design in a broad perspective, and demonstrate all the potentials in these fields.

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