The DANISH™ Approach
DANISH™ promotes Danish design and architecture internationally.

Value-Based Design Heritage

Danish design and architecture are built on the cultural values of democracy, equality and a high level of knowledge. These values translate into user involvement and human-centred approaches that result in meaningful and desirable solutions that are a quintessential result of the Danish design heritage. Quality, functionality, aesthetics and intelligent solutions are a birthright for Danish citizens – and everyone who visits.

Denmark is one of the leading countries that use design and architecture as a tool to help improve urban development, sustainability, play and learning. These elements have long been an essential component when we create something new or improve the existing frames that we have.

The Icons

Denmark has a long history of architects and designers who have created meaningful and desirable design and projects, which are still as relevant today as when first presented. Ranging from Jørn Utzon, Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner – and Børge Mogensen – to the likes of  Kaare Klint, Nanna Ditzel and Arne Jacobsen to name but a few. The clean and minimalistic expression of Danish design adds a high degree of timelessness, which allow the classics to mix with the new, and which constantly result in forgotten treasures being brought back to life. A strong heritage, calls for a strong response. Contemporary Danish designers and architects seem to embrace the core principles of their predecessors. Today, our heritage is constantly challenged and refined by new creators such as Bjarke Ingels, Gehl Architects, Cecilie Manz, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Louise Campbell, GamFratesi and Henning Larsen.